Shopping Terms & Conditions

First and foremost, we fully reserve the right to refuse any customer at our discretion. We help everyone we can in getting the educational materials they need, but if anyone sends threats or has a temper tantrum because they don’t get something they want, they will be booted from the site and any pending transactions will be cancelled. The customer is NOT always right, and this site is here as a favor to those in need of artwork and media references.

Some material may be inappropriate for those who are sensitive towards historical depictions of stereotypes (Mammy Two Shoes, Li’l Eight Ball), tobacco or alcohol use, unwanted sexual advances (Pepe le Pew), full or partial nudity, or anything else that may be found offensive. Our earliest material is from the 1930s, so use your better judgment before making any purchases because you do it at your own discretion and responsibility.

Video Media:

Orders take approx. 2 weeks to process, since we do them in the order they come in. We do not have a warehouse, so everything is completed in real time when it is being processed. However, if an existing item is purchased, like a book, film, or toy, the shipping time will take a lot less since we only have to box it up and ship it out.

All DVDS available here are all DVD-R discs, so make sure that your DVD player can play that format. Otherwise, you would have bought something that will be no good for you or your player, since we don’t give refunds. Media is too easy to copy these days, so we don’t accept returns, just exchanges for the exact same item, if the one you received doesn’t work for some reason. Again, we don’t give refunds – only exchanges for the same item due to defects.

Be sure to send in all questions before an order is placed to make sure it is something you want, since we cannot give you a refund just because you bought something that you suddenly decide you don’t want. When we have films converted, the final product is only as good as the film itself. We don’t have remastering facilities, so quality will differ on almost everything. If a film is reddish due to age, it is because the original film was that way when we received it. We try to get the best possible footage available when we can.

All films and dvds are sold for educational purposes and reference ONLY. At no time do we claim to own any copyrights, if any still exist on the films we provide.



We have 1000s of coloring books that have been digitized and will be remastered over time, so they can become available for educational purposes and reference ONLY. Many of these books were drawn by original production animators and are to be considered as examples of their art. Because of this, they are an invaluable tool for those who aspire to become artists, animators, and so on. The file format, when uploaded, are in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) and will have settings which will allow them to be scaled down and printed to fit whatever paper size you will be using – preferably American Letter size or A4, though they can be printed on larger if necessary.

Once an order is submitted it can take 24-48 hours before the download links are processed and sent to you. This is how our system works. This is also clearly stated in your initial email after placing an order. It is not automatic for a reason. If you are impatient, you would be better off somewhere else.

The pdf files are watermarked and secured to prevent those who wish to abuse our hard work and efforts in preserving these books. We take great pains to compile the archives that are in place and should receive the same respect that anyone else would want for themselves. The watermark is usually in a place on the image to avoid covering up any of the actual artwork, so it shouldn’t get in the way of your enjoyment.

We thank you for your cooperation, and your continued aid in our growth.