Saturday Lineup Ads

Once upon a time, many years ago, the major networks were pretty much the only place you could go to watch cartoons, and only at select times during the week. The highlight of the week, though, was Saturday morning. Usually starting around 8 a.m., and running until noon, viewers could tune in to their favorite shows while chowing down on delicious, sugar coated cereals. These cartoon blocks were such a big deal, ads were taken out in TV guides, newspapers, and comic books showing the new lineups coming up when the Fall season rolled around. Even TV specials would air showing snippets of the shows, and would be hosted by popular celebrities of the time. It was the Super Bowl for the cartoon crazed! Unfortunately, those times are just a distant memory, but at least relics still exist to remind us of simpler days. Below are some of those lineup ads that graced periodicals and gave us a glimpse of things to come.




Individual Show Ads