Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Retro Reprints shop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Here we will address common questions that our customers have asked, and their answers, so hopefully we can quickly help you too. This shop has been live since 2005 and we’ve made sure that our customers get exactly what they purchased, and the help they require if something goes amiss. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

General Questions:

  • My order says that it didn’t process or gave an error after submitting my payment, and Paypal shows the payment went through. Will I get my order?
    • Absolutely. Once you complete your order and submit the payment, even if the order status is showing a status of Incomplete or similar, we will catch it. We get notifications from both our shop and Paypal, so we know if an order was placed AND if the payment for that order went through. Once we verify everything, we will update the order status and make sure you get exactly what you ordered.
  • My order didn’t process so I tried to resubmit it and now it shows I have multiple orders and the payment was sent from Paypal for each one. How do I get a refund and cancel the extra orders?
    • We catch these whenever they occur. We get an email for each order that is placed, and if we see multiple orders from the same person for the same item(s), we will be cancelling any duplicate orders and refunding those payments. It may not happen instantly, but we always check and make sure everything is taken care of.
  • My order didn’t process so I tried to resubmit it multiple times and each time it gave an error and didn’t process my payment. How do I order?
    • This happens maybe 5% of the time. For some reason some people, randomly chosen by the system I guess, can’t connect to Paypal during the checkout process. It does create multiple orders for that person in the system, but without a payment clearing for any of them none will process. Usually we issue an invoice directly from Paypal to the customer, and reference one of the orders they created in the system. We want to make sure everyone gets the items they want, but we won’t process the order until the payment has been made. The extra, duplicate orders will be deleted so only the invoiced one remains. But if the invoice is never paid, no products will be sent.


  • I placed an order and haven’t received my download links yet. How long does it take to process the order? Why isn’t this process automatic?
    • Orders are processed manually to ensure everything, and everyone, is delivered properly. We have also tried setting up automatic processing before, but Paypal wasn’t transmitting the proper information back to the cart and orders were getting stuck anyway. We also posted in the description of every electronic item in the catalog, and in the initial order emails, that orders can take 24-48 hours to process, as we might be away from the computer and can’t update the status right away.
  • I received my download links, but I am getting an ‘access denied’ message. How do I access my books?
    • Each download link is unique to you, and for security purposes, they cannot be accessed just by clicking on them. To download your books, you need to be logged in to your account. Then, when you click on the links, the download should begin. Another thing you can do is view your order history, when you are logged in, to see the orders you placed. When you click on an order link to view the items, the links (if they are still active) will appear below each item individually. Links stay active for 72 hours from the time of generation, so if you need them reactivated just Contact Us.
  • I want to order a physical copy of one of the books you have listed. How do I do that?
    • We do not print physical copies of the book, mainly due to logistics. It would be time consuming and costly to try and print 1-off copies of books when requested, and e-books are far easier to distribute. Plus, a physical reprint can only be used once (if the customer wants to color it) while n e-book can be used over and over again. We do have original copies of some of the books we have archived in our eBay shop, but not everything as we have been archiving for decades and once something is digitized the original is listed on eBay and once sold, it’s gone.
  • I sent a request in for a book to be added as an e-book. How long does it take?
    • For starters, we have a TON of requests we are working on. So many, in fact, that it would take at least 6+ months just to catch up with the pile of requests we have right now. And we get more every week. A book can take anywhere from a day to a couple months to remaster, depending on the raw material we have to work with. We will definitely get it done, but your request will be processed in the order it came in.



  • Do you ship to #my country#?
    • We pretty much ship worldwide. During checkout, the cart should automatically calculate s&h based on your location and the weight of the products being ordered. If you are having issues checking out Contact Us
  • Can you burn to Blu-ray media?
    • We only have the equipment to create DVDs, and don’t have any plans to issue the cartoons we have listed on other media types. On that note, we also use DVD+R type discs, so make sure you player supports that format.
  • Can you make your cartoons available for download?
    • There are no plans to make this available, due to bandwidth constraints and file sizes. We also don’t plan on adding them to streaming platforms.
  • I placed an order #some time# ago. When will it get here?
    • Orders are processed in the order they come in, and sometimes it takes a little longer since we might have run out of recordable media, bubble mailers, or DVD cases. Usually we have everything ready to go, but sometimes we run out and also have to wait for our replacement order to come in. The main reason delays may occur is during shipping, as we usually use a slower service to keep your costs low, and if you are International customs can also cause delays. If for some reason the tracking number isn’t showing updates, and it seems the parcel has been lost, we’ll send out a replacement. Not repeatedly, though, as asking for too many replacements is an obvious red flag.