We need your help!

Retro Reprints is a living, breathing, growing monster of a library, continuously acquiring and preserving more volumes and preventing time from swallowing them up and making them disappear forever. It is the only one of its kind in the world, as it is focused on and dedicated to ALL coloring books associated with children’s television cartoons, movies, toy lines, and more. The archive was started in 2003, and since then has managed to digitize some of the rarest coloring books out there. Don’t think of them like comics or regular books. Coloring books are normally bought to be used, then disposed of when they no longer capture a child’s interest. An unused book, especially one that is decades old, is pretty rare. And some are so rare, we have to purchase one that has coloring in them and then spend a lot of time remastering it up in graphics software.

But this is where we need your help – there are many more that still need saving, and we have a VERY limited budget to work with. We have to post banner ads just to try and bring in a few extra dollars every couple of months, but we wish we could be ad free and just thrive from the help of our dedicated visitors – people who understand the importance and significance of this project. Over time more and more pages and books will be added to the site for everyones enjoyment, and you’ll have access to the artwork you desire.

If each visitor only donated $1 a month, we’d have more than enough to be able to purchase every book we come across where we didn’t already have an example of that title, and we’d be able to obtain some very rare volumes for our existing title libraries. You may not know how important and large of an undertaking this is, but it truly is. Google and other giants on the interwebs have been digitizing and preserving literary classics for years, making sure the artwork and history lasts indefinitely, but coloring books are important, too. Many contain drawings by actual animators, stories written by real writers, and more importantly, childhood memories for those who once owned some of these books growing up.

We aren’t asking for huge donations because many simply can’t afford it, especially since our audience is global and economies vary so much. Just whatever you can do, even $1, could be a ginormous help to us so we don’t have to keep passing up on books that need to be preserved, but we just can’t afford them due to scarcity and the seller’s asking price. Your continued interest in this site and what we do is greatly appreciated, and we hope to keep this archive going for generations to come.

If you prefer to have something tangible for your aid, why not visit the Retro Reprints Shop and see if there are any e-books, or other items, that you would like to own and pick up a few. Every little bit helps this site and is greatly appreciated.

  • The Retro Reprints Team