Shop News


Lot’s of new books added this week!

It seems I have been forgetting to post in the news when I’ve been adding new books. A lot has been uploaded over the past few months, but this week was a pretty big boost. As I’ve been upscaling images in the archives I’ve been pulling aside books I had already started remastering so I could finish them and get them on the site, and a big batch just got added. Several Fraggle Rock books, as well as Centurions, Devlin, Captain Caveman, Voltron, and a few other titles were included. We also changed up the request process a little to stay more organized with all of the requests we get in. When you use the Contact Us for, you’ll see links to specific Reddit threads we have for request types. You’ll need to submit your request through there now, and it will help us a lot.


Quality checking has been completed!

All of the e-books have been reviewed and a standardized format has been applied, so everything is as clean as it can be. The password security has been removed so you can add bookmarks or change it up however you want, and a better watermark has been added that won’t get in the way of your coloring. Now I can start back on adding new e-books to the shop!


Lots of anime got added today

The anime section got a big boost today. Lots of Dragon Ball Z, as well as Gaiking, Steel Jeeg, and Robotech (and more) were added as e-books this morning. We are also in the process of going through all the older e-books and doing quality checks to make sure everything is up to par. Once QC is done, I’ll be starting on more requests, so keep checking back.


A point reward system was added

A coupon/ point system was added today that will give rewards based on your activity, including placing orders, giving product reviews, and potentially more. I am going through all the available features, and will see what else it can do. But, same as the previous X-cart system, it will at least give points based on regular activity. We still have the other global coupon system in place, and I will also be adding coupons to try out, which will also appear in the Coupon page in the shop menu above.


A huge batch of books were added today

We had a big request some months back to upload a bunch of Henson books and a few more Disney. Check out the shop today to see a bunch of Muppet Babies, Muppets, and Sesame Street additions. In total, 15 new books were added to the shop today, so there are plenty of samples on the site and full e-books to add to your collection! 


The shop login issues seem to be resolved.

Some users have been having issues logging in to the shop with their existing user account. I even had a major issue this morning with some redirects while trying to resolve some glitches, but it looks like I worked out the bugs and you should be able to log in and view your account & orders fine now, even on mobile. There are 2 places you can log in to access the store, in case one of them is still giving you issues due to browser temp files or online caching. You can go HERE or HERE to log in. 

We have an extra layer of security on user accounts, which keeps them in a Pending status until an admin activates them. Of course, I forgot I added this feature which is why some people who are new were having issues, but all accounts that were transferred over from the old site were not. If you make a purchase, it goes right through and you were not getting the normal activation email that would get sent from other sites. This is to prevent spam accounts. I have just approved all pending accounts, so anyone who created an account in the last 2 weeks or so should have no issues logging back in now. Sorry for the confusion. Site security is still hot, so too many failures will put a temporary block on your account. If you need password resets, you can request them from the login page or the Contact Us page if you need assistance. Find a bug, let us know!


This is the ONLY shop on the site.

All of the DVDs are now active on the new shop, and has been closed and a redirect was posted there to let everyone know they need to come here now. I have been working with a postage calculation for International shipping, so we’ll see how that goes when any physical goods are purchased. As for the e-books, everything appears to be running smoothly. I have also changed the shop header menu to something more responsive, so mobile devices won’t see choppy stacked buttons, and it’ll update automatically should I add any other menu items. The current task is adding a lot more books, so I will keep working on all the requests I have received, so watch the Recent Items section on the shop front page to see what gets added.


Some DVDs were added today.

A batch of DVDs was added to the shop today so I could test out calculated shipping. At this time they are only available to customers in the US, so if you are in another country and want to get some continue to go to I have all of the regions set with fees based on weight and location there, but this new system seems to be limited on (so far) on how to have prices per weight per location without additional plug-ins installed. I also saw the cart page had a technical issue this morning that I have already fixed. I’ll keep working on all of this, so please let me know if you have any issues.