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  4. This site is very similar to that of Project Gutenberg and Google Books. We just focus on a genre that they do not cover. As we do not have the funding, or donation intake, that they do we rely on small donations made in order to download books for unlimited usage. Books are not donated to us to scan for preservation, so donations received are used to hunt for and purchase new volumes from around the world, as well as our internet presence associated costs.
  5.  Most of the images in the archive have been scanned from existing coloring books, and digitally remastered for archival and educational purposes ONLY. Any e-book that is uploaded contains all of the pages that were in the original distribution. We will not post any incomplete e-book, even upon request. We have tried to restore as many as possible for your enjoyment and for reference.
  6. All book content images have been watermarked, as we invest an extensive amount of resources in the preservation and cleanup process, and all too often we find those images being reused on other sites without any credits for the source. Would you appreciate it if all of your hard work was stolen and pawned off by someone else?
  7. Some material on this site may not be suitable for younger viewers, or at least the immature ones. We include publications from all shows, movies, and media that fall into our classification as animated productions. This includes but is not limited to hand drawn, stop-motion, computer generated, live-action kid’s programming and similar types of media.
  8. Some pictures and information was found on other web pages, and those pages were given credit on this site’s credit page. Many of the images provided on this site are from our personal archives, and credit is given only when it is due to third party sources.
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