The shop is getting a new home!

We are in the process of moving the existing shop to a new address and software platform!

Those who were already registered at the old installation have been migrated over to the new one, and they have been sent account update emails to make sure their information is up-to-date. Don’t panic, as some have been doing. This is us sending out those emails, and not hackers attacking your account. Some accounts are so old that they may have been originally created when the old shop was under the url, and those receiving the notifications may not even remember having made their account. I can tell from some of the email replies I’ve been getting 🙂

This new system is fully integrated with the main website, which means that all customer accounts will be able to wander around and leave blog comments, product reviews, shop, brighten up their user profile, and whatever else they have permissions for.

New menu choices

The old installation will still stay active for the time being, primarily for the DVDs. We will be adding a real-time shipping plug-in in the coming months to the new location, which will allow us to handle physical shipping needs, and then the physical media will become active there. Until then, we will probably have 2 bodegas – one for e-books and the other for video.

Once all of the e-books have been activated in the new shop, they will be deactivated in the old shop, so only use the new shop now if you are getting books. That way all your downloads will be in one place moving forward. The new shop has been tested several times, as well, and we haven’t had any issues with Paypal integration and instant downloads once the payment is confirmed, so customers won’t have to wait for manual download link processing anymore!

We have a lot coming down the pipeline, and now that we are using our WordPress backend for 2/3 of the site, there can be lots of cross-functionality. We are even looking in to moving the archive to a WP plug-in sometime next year. If you have any issues with your account, or the new shop, reach out to us so we can troubleshoot it.

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Author: The Collector

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