We are getting a facelift!


This site is currently a redesign sandbox where we will be trying out themes and seeing how we can integrate existing functionality in to a WordPress system, or vice versa.

The most important item on the list right now is making sure that everything you can do on the original site works a it should when we add the WP portal over it.

An important thing to remember as that the WP section of the site is NOT tied directly to the archive section where all of the books and coloring pages are kept. The menus have links to those underlying areas, so you can quickly navigate back and forth between the dynamic WP section and the enormous library section.

The WP search box does NOT look for books in the library. You will need to go to that section of the site to search for books and printable pages. The WP search box only displays results that are from that section of the site.

Moving forward, we hope to create some plugins that allow for the two areas to communicate a little more, but for now they are just 2 hard-working roommates keeping the house in order 🙂

Author: The Collector

1 thought on “We are getting a facelift!

  1. Since this original post other features have been added, mostly in the right-hand menu:

    A random cover generator that displays a cover image for a book listed in the archives, which is also clickable and brings you right to that page.

    Site stats that gives a real-time count of the various attributes listed.

    A suggestion box, which will display results based on the page that you are currently viewing. If you are viewing a specific show or book page in the archives, it will list show name that have a similar production company to the page you are on. However, if the list would have only shown about 3 titles, it will display a list of shows based on the genre of the book you are viewing. Kind neat. Took me some trial and error to get it just right.

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