Onward, Minions and more coming soon.


With a new, big slate of animated movies coming out this year like Onward and Minions 2, we can expect a pretty good amount of coloring books being released to promote them. I know a few from Golden Books are already listed for presale on Amazon, and Bendon has a bunch of placeholders in their catalog where cover art still needs to be provided. With an already decent sized list of books, instead of trying to show them all individually here I will just post a list of links to the movie pages so you can periodically revisit them and see if we have cover images uploaded. Oddly enough, Spies in Disguise didn’t have anything released, even though it is a Disney flick. Usually they are pretty good about squeezing something out there, but this time they dropped the ball. If someone sees one for this movie let me know. Also, for additional upcoming production merch I will be creating quick posts. I just didn’t do it this time since these 4 are already in the system and I didn’t want to flood the front page.

Author: The Collector

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