Make way for Alvin!

Alvin Show

The Alvin Show was Ross Bagdasarian’s first foray in to the animated world of the Chipmunks back in 1961. The show had plenty of gags, music, and silly adventures the trio and Dave went on. There was also the Clyde Crashcup segments, but we’ll save that for another time. Recently we had a request for a bunch of the Alvin books, and since they were fairly short we just uploaded them, in their entirety, as samples. The short books displayed below have been fully uploaded for anyone to print out. The others have had samples added. This also is a good segue in to something I wanted to mention before, but didn’t really have a suitable place to make the post until now.

There are 100s of books listed on the site that only have a few coloring pages. These may be promotional books, Japanese notebooks that contain a few random coloring pages, or part of a set where each book was just a shortened print of a bigger book that was sold separately. In most of these cases, the full book will be uploaded as samples to print freely, rather than an e-book added to the shop. Only those that are super rare may end up in the shop, especially if they required extra cleanup time. But it is worth pointing out that, when I have time in-between all the requests that come in, I will work on getting those smaller books uploaded for everyone to enjoy.

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