Below is a thumbnail gallery of all of the books we currently have referenced for this show, with the oldest book at the top of the list, and the most recent at the bottom. Click on the cover image of a book to open the individial information page for that book, and to see if any sample reference images have been uploaded for it. If there are images you would like to add to the site or certain books you'd like to see become e-books, contact us through our Facebook page.
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Sambo's: Tiger Tamers Special!!

Sambo's Coloring Book

A Big day with Big Boy

Scrubbing Bubbles

McGruff the Crime Dog

Toys R Us: Geoffrey's Time Traveling Fun Book

Chester Cheetah

Dunkin Donuts Coloring Book

Dinty Moore Coloring Book

Hungry Bunch: Breakfast Mountain

Keebler Coloring Book

Little Caesar Visits the Zoo

Crest Cavity Fighting Team Activity Book

Nerds: Joke and Coloring Book

Sambo's Family Fun Book

Operation Lifesaver

Dunkin Donuts

Nestle Quik: Holiday Fun Book

Buster Brown's Painting Book

The Dutch Boy's Jingle Paint Book

Planters: Presidents Coloring Book

Planters: Famous Men

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Frito Kid: Western

Frito Kid: Circus

Frito Kid: Circus

Frito Kid: Jungle

Made Rite: Circus

Sparkie: Who Am I?

Sparkie and Twinkle

Buster Brown Safety Coloring Book

Buster Brown Coloring Book

Elsie the Cow

Elsie the Cow

Reddy Kilowatt

Sambo's: Tiger Tamers Special!!

Burger King: Bicycle Safety

Buster Brown Coloring Book

Big Boy Coloring Book

Little Oscar and the Bandit

Twinkles, Sanford and Wilbur

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Otto the Orkin Man

Chiquita Banana

Cap'N Crunch

Quake Adventure Book

Reddy Kilowatt

Elsies Tales

Loony Packages

KFC: Space Action

How to Be a Good Monster

Pez Safety

Woodsy Owl Coloring Book

Burger King: Where Kids Are King

Burger King: Draw & Color

Buster Brown Kinder-Cology

Planters: Heritage of 200 Years

Sambo's: Bicentennial Coloring Book

Campbells: A Story of Soup

Nestle: The Chocolate Factory

The Fall of Mr. Toothdecay

Planters: Presidents Coloring Book

Dr. Popdoodle's Monsters

Snap! Crackle! Pop!: 50 Years With...

Ihop the Kangaroo Coloring Book

McGruff: Crime Prevention

Play It Safe

Kellogg's 75th Anniversary

Pillsbury Coloring Book

Shamu and His Crew

Campbells: Garden of Goodies

Melvin Coloring Book

Sea World

McGruff the Crime Dog

Louie the Lightning Bug

Rooster's Early Morning on the Farm

Snap! Crackle! Pop! A Counting Book

Snap! Crackle! Pop! At the Playground

Toucan Sam: ABCs

Ernie Keebler: The Elves' Vacation

Ernie Keebler: Around the Year

Ernie Keebler: Activity Fun

Toucan Sam: Animal Friends

Kool-Aid Man

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Funtime Book

Ernie Keebler: Nature Time

Ernie Keebler: Work and Play

Tony the Tiger: Sizes and Shapes

Tony the Tiger: Counting

Tony the Tiger: Colors

Tony the Tiger: ABCs

Tony the Tiger: Numbers

Tony the Tiger: Words

Nerds: Case of the Fading Nerds

Nerds: House of Wax

Green Giant: Adventures with Sprout

Round Town

Toys R Us: Day at the Fair

M&Ms Coloring Book

McGruff: Crack Down on Drugs

Campbells: Serving Up Safety

Michelin Coloring Book

McGruff Goes to Court

Tony the Tiger: A Delightful Day

Tony the Tiger: Mornings Are Fun!

Toys R Us: Coloring Book



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2003-2017 Copyright by Retro Reprints. All rights reserved. * Many of the images in this section have been scanned from existing coloring books, and digitally remastered for archival purposes. The books represented here may not contain all the images that were initially published, since some may have been colored or drawn upon. We have tried to salvage as many as possible for your enjoyment and for reference.