Working hard, even when it’s quiet.

Working Hard

This was a good example of when there is hard working happening behind the scenes, but very little being said on the site. It’s also a good time to remind everyone to add us on social media, since I still post quick updates and coloring page additions there that wouldn’t warrant a complete blog post. You can also comment on posts in Facebook and Twitter about what you’d like to see added to the site, and get pretty fast feedback, too.

In December one of our followers sent in a pretty big request of Anime books they’d like to see turn in to pdfs and added to the site, so that is the current project. I have gotten more books for the library, in general, and you can see those additions by checking out Books Owned. Below is the first batch of books I’ve completed – the rest will be up in about a month. These should tide you over for now. Each have sample images and the complete book available for download. Enjoy!

The Collector

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