Below is a thumbnail gallery of all of the books we currently have referenced for this show, with the oldest book at the top of the list, and the most recent at the bottom. Click on the cover image of a book to open the individial information page for that book, and to see if any sample reference images have been uploaded for it. If there are images you would like to add to the site or certain books you'd like to see become e-books, contact us through our Facebook page.
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Various Images

Shapes Up

A Day in the Life

Dreams of Glory

Out of This World

coloring and activity book

Coloring and Activity Book

Paint with Water

Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring Book

Coloring and Activity Book

Visits the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Sportin' Life

Soaks Up Some Fun

Messin' With the Best

A Search and Color Book

Best Buds

Cool Cat

In Your Face Fun

Cooks Up Some Fun

Alphabet Soup

Very Merry

Tooth Fairy

Festive Fun

Fun at First Bite

Crazy About Numbers

Playful Pals

La Busqueda del Tesoro


Quiere Trabajar

Las Vacaciones de Garfield

Los Suenos de Garfield

Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring and Activity Book


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2003-2017 Copyright by Retro Reprints. All rights reserved. * Many of the images in this section have been scanned from existing coloring books, and digitally remastered for archival purposes. The books represented here may not contain all the images that were initially published, since some may have been colored or drawn upon. We have tried to salvage as many as possible for your enjoyment and for reference.