• eBay.com - for listing so many auctions that had useful cover shots, although it's more than obvious that many sellers need to brush up on their camera skills, or get a scanner :)
  • Amazon.com - for keeping me informed on upcoming releases and providing better replacement cover shots for some images I initially got from eBay.
  • J. Gloff & B. Mariska for sending in great cover scans of Berenstain Bears books, Little Critters and more.
  • the various Wiki sites for having some users who had the forsight to post some images of coloring books. A good one was the Muppet Wikia, that had some great images of Sesame Street covers I hadn't had yet.
  • A guide to Marvel Firesides for a couple missing covers.
  • Everyone else who has helped me track down rare editions from around the globe.